An 8-week programme uniquely designed to build the confident, resilient and visible self you need to be to successfully level up in your career/business.
ALIGN will help you forge alignment between who you are, what you do and what the world needs in order to be clear on your next professional chapter, have the confidence to claim it and a plan to make it successfully
Discover the unique system to help business leaders, impact
entrepreuneurs and thought leaders become market leaders based upon’s cutting edge, signature system.
Conscious Leadership Coaching provides you with everything you need to honour your true potential and elevate yourself (and your career / business) to even greater levels of success, leadership and influence.

What makes ALIGN unique?

ALIGN is a mentorship programme for leaders and entrepreneurs ready to realise their conscious leadership potential through a powerful combination of teachings, workshops and group mentoring calls.

Our unique signature system, honed through years of research and practical experience with senior business leaders delivers tangible results.

Participants reach greater levels of self awareness and emotional mastery, learn powerful tools to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in, and achieve concrete results in their careers and lives.

Give me 8 weeks…

… and together, we’ll discover your ability to lead depends on your capacity for self-awareness and self-leadership. Which is why elevating individual and organizational performance and innovation, begins with instropection and personal growth.

Here are Sarah and Sacha’s Experience

“I joined ALIGN to help me unblock a long and frustrating period of procrastination in taking my business to the next level; where I had lots of ideas but nothing was becoming concrete. The course has certainly achieved that: I got the confidence to take my project further and the clarity that I already had the necessary foundation to do so.

Trust the process; you get very tangible results. This is a game changer.”
Sarah Lavers
Entrepreneur, ESG Advisory
“Before ALIGN, I was unsure on how to proceed and where to proceed in my career. Now I have very concrete ideas and clear action steps to create my next chapter.

With ALIGN, my emotional balance has improved drastically, which made a huge difference in how I interact with people on difficult subjects professionally and personally. The combination of teachings, workshops and group discussions created a highly valuable learning and transformative space.”
Sacha Pictet
Senior Investment Manager- Miami

How is ALIGN structured?

You’ll have access to ALL of the materials and coaching recordings for 12 months, including:

Is ALIGN right for me?

ACADEMY isn’t for you if: 
ALIGN isn’t for you if:

  • You prefer to blame others and make excuses for where you find yourself, your finances, and your lifestyle.
  • You are content and genuinely happy with your life at present.
  • You prefer to take the long road, find things out for yourself, 
    make things unnecessarily difficult and ultimately waste time.
  • ​You are resistant to change
    and see little point in
  • ​You are happy to stay where you are whilst you watch others around you progress, build better lives and create more happiness.
ACADEMY is definitely the best programme for you if:
ALIGN is definitely the best programme for you if:

  • You are excited about the opportunity to discover a new pathway forward unlocking your true potential.
  • You have a burning desire to do and achieve more.
  • You are willing to place your trust in a professional (that’s us) and a proven system that has created powerful breakthroughs for many people.
  • You agree that you are not your finished Self and that real growth (and some fun!) comes from constant evolution.
  • You are absolutely committed to investing time each week into yourself, for the next 8 weeks, to achieve a life with more fulfillment, purpose, and financial security.
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